Brokeback Mountain, Heath Ledger asked not to do ironic joke on the film at the Oscars 2006

Jake Gyllenhaal he recalled how Heath Ledger, the unforgettable protagonist of Brokeback Mountainasked the Academy to exclude the masterpiece of Ang Lee from any sketch ‘ironic’. At the time, when the Oscars still had a presenter, it was the tradition to ‘joke’ about the movie with the most nominations. Brokeback Mountain, already a Lion of Gold, and was in progress for the statue of the most sought-after, later assigned to Crash – Physical Contactbut Ledger is impuntò, because there was just nothing to laugh in the face of a film as a screenplay by Larry McMurtry and Diana Ossana.

I remember that they wanted to make an opening to the Academy Awards of that year in which they joked about Brokeback Mountain. Heath refused. At the time I was a bit of a type “Okay, okay … whatever, it’s all very fun.” But Heath said to me, ‘It is not a joke to me. I don’t want to make jokes about it’.

In retrospect then, he admits now Gyllenhaal, the position of the Heath was not only sacrosanct, but, above all, intelligent. Brokeback Mountain it won 3 Oscars (director, adapted screenplay and soundtrack), 4 Golden Globes and 4 Bafta, as well as dozens of other awards. Last summer, Gyllenhaal had already remembered as Ledger hated the jokes on the movie of Ang Lee.

There are people that I have a story or criticized for the jokes that I say in that film. This is one of the things that I loved Heath. Not scherzerebbe never on Brokeback Mountain. When someone made jokes, he was kind “No. It is a love story. Around here, friend”.

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