Bruce Willis’ wife talks about actor’s bleak landscape

Once again, Emma Heming, wife of actor Bruce Willis, has released news about the health condition of the Hollywood star, who was diagnosed with Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD) last February, due to which the actor has postponed his retirement in March 2022. announced.

Doctors at the time said he suffered from aphasia, although in early 2023 his family released a statement clarifying that it was actually the second condition.

For this reason, the heroes of films such as “Die Hard” or “The Fifth Element” gradually withdrew from the public spotlight and focused on their families.

Hemming recently used his official Instagram account to talk about the health of Willis, whom he married in 2009 after breaking up with Demi Moore in 2000.

Through this space, he thanked everyone who is aware of the 68-year-old celebrity’s condition, including fans, to whom he continues to send messages of support.

She also talked about the harsh reality she lives in, a situation she finds difficult although she thinks she is lucky to be surrounded by supportive people.

“When you live in a world of dementia, you know the options are few, but some don’t take it, that’s how you make a change and I’m going to be a witness to the beauty of that last night.” Said.

A few days ago Emma saw Max Lugavere, who is promoting the documentary “Little Empty Boxes”, with which he recounts his mother Cathy’s battle against dementia.

“As he educates himself on what he can do to help her, his love for his mother is powerful, his drive to seek answers from leading health experts is inspiring, and then to share that information.” To be so kind to you is a true blessing.

“It would be an absolute disservice if this documentary is not on a screen anywhere near us soon. Thank you Max for being so brave and volunteering to share the ride and highlight the importance of brain health.”

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