Bruno Fernandes hits back at critics of Manchester United captaincy with Instagram post

Bruno Fernandes appeared to hit back at his critics questioning his credibility as Manchester United captain in a social media post.

The 28-year-old took to Instagram and reposted a video uploaded by MotivationAddictz account which included a clip of NFL legend Deion Saunders who is famous for his motivational speeches.

Fernandes was furious at United’s defeat to Tottenham and is now taking it out on his Getty

The two-time Super Bowl champion said in the video, which was reposted by United’s Fernandes: “Look at me. What makes you think I care about your opinion of me?

“Your opinion of me is not the opinion I hold of myself.

“You didn’t make me because you can’t break me. You didn’t build so you couldn’t kill me.

“You know, God made me, so you can’t do anything to me.

“I was that. I made a difference, I changed the game. I was that boy. So what will change?

“Not at all. I don’t even play games and you have an opinion about me.

“I like it but I don’t care and I want the world to think so.

“Young people, if you are here now, do not care what people think of you, as long as that opinion is in line with what you think of yourself. Be real. »

Fernandes took to Instagram to hit out at his critics
Fernandes was criticized for his leadershipcredit: Getty

The clip appears to be a response to criticism over Fernandes’ leadership at United.

The Portugal international has taken the armband this season and Harry Maguire has stepped down as captain.

Although this did not go down well with Maguire, many sections of the fans were pleased to see Fernandes given the role after taking on a considerable amount of responsibilities as the defender had been on the sidelines the previous season.

But not everyone agrees with the move, with some criticizing Fernandes for his short temper and theatrics.

Simon Jordan of talkSPORT was among those who criticized the playwright, saying that the Portuguese was not a leader.

Responding to calls for Fernandes to apologize to the referee after United’s 2-0 defeat to Tottenham, Jordan said earlier this week: “I don’t think he’s a leader. Obviously, he’s not a leader.” .

“And why would you want him to be the leader, I don’t know. When you have such leaders, you will get sure results.

“If Manchester United have a desire to be at the top again, you won’t get there with Bruno Fernandes as captain.”

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