Brussels will appoint an urban poet to represent the city

In early 2024, the City of Brussels will launch a recruitment process to appoint an urban poet Responsible for representing the city. prepare your pen and your paper, it’s time to bring out all the artistic soul in you!

notice to Poet Budding! Brussels will recruit from next year An urban poet who is responsible for representing the city. As noted in this Metro newspaper article, this recruitment will be part of the possibility to propose Brussels as a candidate capital of european culture…for 2030. We have time before us. (But art doesn’t wait).

© P. Starcevic, Pexels

it was announced Sven Gaetz, the Brussels minister in charge of Brussels’ image. his interlocutor, Regional MP Lotte Stoopshighlighted the fact urban poetry (could) play a great part in putting Brussels on the map as a dynamic cultural city. And to add: (the fact of recruiting an urban poet would make it possible) “to embrace the typical Brussels multilingualism and give the urban poets a broad and multidisciplinary material”.

on this subject, sven getz Confirming the hiring of one or more urban poets, he replied: “In the coming weeks, we will work on the development of a charter that will include general terms and conditions for city densification. Brussels 2030 Will also be responsible for the composition of the jury. The winner will be announced in late 2023 urban poet can start early 2024,

Ôôôôô Brussels… Your beauty is wonderful only when your Sunil’s tenderness comes back… What do you think ? Not too bad is it? We can apply…

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