Brutal battle for 4th place ahead of US Open: Calculator

Getting into the next US Open in good standings is an absolute priority for most players. Cincinnati is the last chance for the circuit’s elite to achieve their goals in New York…and where the all-out battle will take place for the sole goal of finishing fourth.

Numbers, Cabal, Rounds to reach. We sometimes underestimate its importance. ATP ranking We forget that in the player’s day-to-day, the position in the world rankings is the most important factor before the threads of chance weave each tournament’s standings. This fact becomes most important in times such as: grand slamHere are some exciting events for you. US Open 2023 Right around the corner, lots of fringes closed. We almost never reach our goal. ATP Cincinnati 2023, is the last stop on the circuit before the final Grand Slam of the year, and there are many decisions to be of ups Five!player He will settle his fortunes in Ohio, but he has a common goal that may be more important than it seems: to be No. 4 in the world next week.

Because for many, this information could completely change your luck in New York.It’s a well-known fact that infielders want to avoid Carlos Alcarazthe best in the world, or Novak Djokovic, is a 23-time Grand Slam winner and is on his way to the final round. And while a No. 4 seed at the next U.S. Open could avoid them exactly to the semifinals, there is a group of tennis players who make up the group between him fifth and he eighth in the rankings. We could face them in the quarterfinals.let them teach Janik Sinner, Holger Luhn, Stefanos Tsitsipas, Andrei Rublev, Casper Ruud: We all know what it’s like to succumb to the two biggest monsters on the circuit…and they’re all competing in Cincinnati for juicy prizes where math goes hand in hand. Masu. We take a look at their chances after stripping them of the points they earned in Cincinnati last year, sorted by live ranking. Spoiler: Whoever wins the title will be #4, no matter what others do.

#4 Holger Rune – 4790 Points: This may come as a surprise to many, but perfectly positioned to reach New York in the top four is the cement North American tour’s least-lugged player. A lot has happened since the beardless Dane stole a set from Djokovic in his debut at Flushing Meadows. Now, with Holger aiming for more, a lot is at stake in Cincinnati. With Daniil Medvedev potentially facing off in the quarterfinals and either Novak or Sinner threatened in the semis, the Scandinavian will have a strong showing at the final Masters 1000 of the year. Winning the title earns him this honor, but if not he needs to at least reach the same round as his biggest chasers Casper Ruud and Yannick Sinner. For Rublev or Tsitsipas to beat him, they both need to reach at least the semi-finals, where Loon loses in his debut, or reach the final and Holger loses before the semi-finals, or win the title.

#5 Casper Rude – 4715 Points: His poor performances at these tracks last season with a loss in the first round to Ben Shelton opens the door to a place he already knows perfectly well. It’s probably more important for him to finish in the top four. He is New York’s most defended player in points and will try to avoid a derailment after last year’s final. His box in Cincinnati certainly looks pretty tight, with Carlos Alcaraz potentially reaching the quarterfinals or Francis Tiafoe making it to the Round of 16. This title allows him to be #4, but there are many more scenarios. Beating Rune’s result in one round and matching Sinner’s result are mandatory goals for him. Both Rublev or Tsitsipas would have to reach at least the semi-finals to beat him, and Casper would be eliminated in the Round of 16. Proceed to the finals and Rude loses in the semi-finals or wins the title.

#6 Yannick Sinner – 4645 Points: He’s the last one to join a fight that was unreliable at first.But no one comes with such impulses carota boy, the Toronto champion, feels this surface is ideal for his game. Any position beyond a quarter-finals chance could hinge on his adaptation to Cincinnati, and he’s probably the man most deserving of it if he puts his state of confidence as the main thermometer. Of course, the long shadow of Novak Djokovic will appear in the quarterfinals. If he wins the title, he will be fourth. Otherwise, more complex scenarios can occur. He, yes or yes, should reach the quarterfinals. From there, make him one round ahead of Rune and Rude. In order for Rublev or Tsitsipas to beat him, both would need to be one round ahead of Sinner from the quarterfinals, reflecting what Sinner wants from Loon and Ruud.

#7 Andrey Rublev – 4515 Points: As we were able to confirm earlier, the season is open for players in more complex situations. The title saves Rublev any calculations, but the Russian has filmed very little, showing signs of fatigue over the summer and performing far from his best in Canada. Of course, Cincinnati has always suited him well. Here he already knows what it is to make it to the final, and his flat, powerful shot finds his place on fast surfaces. His team, with direct rivals like Tsitsipas who could face you in the quarterfinals, invites you to dream. If he fails to win the title, his chances against the remaining pursuers are described above. As for Tsitsipas, it would be worth matching his results.

#8 Stefanos Tsitsipas – 4500 Points: It’s been over four years since the Greek occupied eighth place in the world rankings. And he doesn’t occupy that ranking because we’re based on live rankings, but last year’s final in Cincinnati meant he’d have to go far if he didn’t want to lose a few places in the world rankings. there is. The truth is that he has the most complex task of reaching the semi-finals, just like Rublev, but outside of finals and titles, it seems unlikely that he’ll be fourth in the world. For example, if he makes it to the finals, it would be enough for Loon to stay in the quarterfinals and Ruud and Sinner to stay in the semis. If he loses in the semi-finals, Roon and Rude will need to lose in the Round of 16 and Sinner and Rublev will not advance from the quarter-finals. It’s a very complicated scenario for the Greeks, starting with few options.

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