Budget cap, Binotto: “In Ferrari we took the edge in order not to risk” – F1 Team – Formula 1

There seems to be no end to the jumble of statements made by team principals and top executives of the various F1 teams regarding the case of the moment: the eventual Red Bull overshooting the cap budget in the 2021 season. The certainty about the rumors circulating in the paddock and targeting the Milton Keynes team and – to an apparently lesser extent – Aston Martin will only be available on Wednesday next week, when the FIA ​​will provide all the official documents regarding this thorny affair. In the meantime, however, it is normal that all teams are moving for protect their interests and try to exert a certain influence towards the Federation, invoking in almost all cases severe penalties against those who have been caught for not respecting the rules.

Interviewed by Sky Sport F1 the Ferrari team principal is just a few minutes away from the start of the qualifying session in Singapore Mattia Binotto was very clear on the subject, underlining how the Maranello team, to be sure not to get it wrong, decided to keep a certain safety margin. “For now, what we hear is only speculation. We have to wait for Wednesday, there we will understand more. The budget cap in the regulation is defined as an instrument that must make sport fair and equitable – recalled Binotto – and we made an incredible effort to stay inside the roof last year. We have limited developments and have also taken the margin. This is because we knew it was the first year and it wasn’t going to be easy. We have interacted continuously with the Federationwithout waiting for the end of the year“.

Today there is a delay on the final report of the FIA – added the manager of the Cavallino – and this suggests that there are open discussions going on. From this speculations arise. This story has implications for the past, present and future championship “. Finally, Binotto kept reiterating that, even if the violations ascertained were ‘minor’, and therefore less than 5% of the ‘cap’ (7.5 million dollars), it would still be a made serious, to be severely punished. “Even if there was a breach of ‘only’ 4 million, that figure is by no means less in terms of implications. For us that figure is the whole development of a season. They mean 70 people in a technical office who can think and find solutions. It means having half a second of advantage. The credibility of F1 is at stake. I expect the FIA ​​to be able to identify whether or not there have been any misconduct“, He concluded.


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