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The activity on the track in the Formula 1 championship goes on regularly with the Japanese Grand Prix, but the controversy on the main topic of the last week remains: everyone is now talking about what is happening in these days with the case that is investing the Red Bullteam accused of having budget cap exceeded in the 2021 season. The FIA, which is currently investigating this alleged irregularity, is expected to present its results on the day of Monday 1st October (date set after Wednesday’s postponement), in an appointment awaited by fans, rival teams and by Red Bull itself.

Should a failure to comply with the budget cap emerge, many have already asked the Federation to impose one exemplary sanction against the Anglo-Austrian team, starting with Lewis Hamilton. In this regard, remaining in the field of Mercedes, this appeal also came from the former vice-president of the motorsport section of the German company, that is Norbert Haug.

The German, interviewed by Sport1 and prominent personalities in the relationship between Mercedes and McLaren in the late 90s, a hard punch is expected against anyone who is held responsible for such irregularities: “The sums will have to be examined carefully – remarked Haug – you have to wait for the results to be published and, if anomalies are proven, they must be punished in a draconian way. It would be a serious violation of the regulations ”.

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