Bulgaria. “Asylum” for the crown-skeptics from Germany. They do not obey the restrictions

The place that coronasceptics from Germany particularly liked is fenced and guarded apartment complex “Château” in the town of Akhełoj in the Burgas region. You can see cars with registration from Bavaria, Berlin or East Frisia – described “Der Spiegel”.

In the group on Telegram they are called “German emigrants in Bulgaria” and reluctantly agree to talk to journalists. They say they are “a multigenerational community”, including retirees.

So far, about 60 immigrants from Germany and Austria live in “Château”; soon there will be 100.- There are more and more people who just want to get away from the COVID-19 madness – they say.

In discussions on Telegram they claim, inter alia, that “the deceitful and hypocritical political and media system in Germany must be destroyed”. They emphasize that “many Germans without vaccinations are increasingly afraid of being excluded” and forcibly vaccinating children.

Korona-emigrants organize trips via Telegram. “In Bulgaria, one of the poorest EU countries, they buy or rent real estate, preferably on the Black Sea coast between Burgas and Varna“- reported” Der Spiegel “.

As journalists added, there, coronersceptics can “fulfill their common dream: live in a country where no masks are needed, and unvaccinated people can be served in restaurants without any problems”. Newcomers from Germany are also attracted by the local climate – temperatures around 20 degrees in the shade at the beginning of December – and cheaper living.

However statistics on COVID-19 in Bulgaria are “like from a horror movie” – assessed “Der Spiegel”. With over 4,000 deaths per million inhabitants, Bulgaria has the highest coronavirus death rate of any country in the European Union. Almost one in ten people in the country has already been infected, and the vaccination rate is only 30%.

The Germans, in their “fortress with a swimming pool and tennis courts”, believe that the attitude of the Bulgarians is “invigorating”. Ines, an elderly lady from Berlin-Lichtenberg, traveled to Achełoj without vaccinations to “escape the dictatorship”. Now he lives in a small apartment for 232 euros a month.

Other emigrants emphasize that in Bulgaria it is easier to stay “off the radar” of the authorities, which enforce pandemic laws less vigorously than Germany. – I do not know if there is a global conspiracy behind all of this, but one thing is for sure: life in Germany used to be freer – says one of them.

Masks must be worn when shopping in Lidl, where you can buy Black Forest ham and German beer. But in smaller shops and many restaurants, the approach to regulations is freer, which German emigrants consider to be “a piece of regained freedom”: there is no lockdown, no need to keep social distance or curfew.

Doctor Swietosław Todorow from the University Hospital in Burgas cannot understand the attitude of emigrants from Germany. – It is actually a crime, a great irresponsibility towards oneself and others. The covid ward in the local hospital has 108 beds and they are used by really serious cases in the intensive care unit. People of all ages, half-naked, only in diapers are connected to respirators, said the doctor.

– German speakers know how to help each other. One recommends a doctor who is critical of immunization. the second knows a pizzeria, where waiters warn unvaccinated guests in good time about police checks. The third recommends restaurants, bars, thermal baths, saunas, which are still open to everyone because they belong to various mafia structures or politicians, describes “Der Spiegel”.

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