Bull escapes from owner, paralyzing street (Video)

Video capture

Drivers and passers-by on Bellavista Boulevard in Maturin experienced a few minutes of terror this Friday afternoon when a bull named “Colorao” drove several times along this important road after escaping from his owner’s home. kilometer.

Author: El Periódico de Monagas

It is understood that the owner of the animal tied it with a rope at his residence on the avenue near Altoguri before he suddenly fled towards the busy road and decided to take a walk.

The main thoroughfare of the road was paralyzed for several minutes as drivers decided to stop for fear of being attacked by animals, while traders and walkers locked themselves inside premises in the area.

A group of brave drivers took some rope from the trunk and managed to grab it with the help of its owner. Although it seemed funny, the situation was also reported to the police due to the risk posed by the incident.

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