Bullet Train, the new film with Brad Pitt divides the critics at the Locarno Film Festival

Last night, al Locarno Movie Festivalcriticism divided by Bullet Train. The starring film Brad Pittreleased in Italian cinemas from 25 August, opened the evening and collected conflicting opinions. Produced by Sony Pictures and distributed by Warner Bros. Entertainment ItalyBullet Train is a crazy and funny action thriller based on the 2010 novel “Seven Killers of the Shinkansen” by Kōtarō Isaka. David Leitchdirector of “Atomic Blonde” and “Deadpool 2”, thought of to adapt the story of the novel, bringing together a group of assassinswith different characteristics and characters, under the same roof with one mission in common: retrieve a briefcase.

The movie is set in one of the bullet trains of Tokyo that travels at very high speed with all the comforts of cutting-edge technologies. Brad Pitt, Ladybug in the film, he is a “confused” killer. The actor explains about his character: “he is in an existential crisis and has a nervous breakdown, perhaps also because of what happened to him negatively in his work. A killer who, after a couple of months of therapy, thinks he has all the answers and that his life can now be full again. He also believes that things can happen solve peacefully“. Together with Pitt we also find Sandra Bullockwho in the film entrusts him with the mission thinking it could be of the simplicity right for those who return to the tour.

There criticism however it divides: although the film begins at a unrestrained pace with jokes and actions to remember the high speed of the train, many felt that it became more and more verbose and the scenography confused as it went on. Others saw him as a Kill Bill part one, with a nod to the style of Tarantino. Positive opinions focus mainly on the enjoyment of the film, packaged during the pandemic, e on irony that transpires from the dialogues, together with the adrenaline-pumping action scenes.

In the film, in addition to a Brad Pitt with glasses and a fisherman’s hat, there are also Joey King as Prince, a British assassin pretending to be a mild-mannered student, Aaron Taylor-Johnson who plays the elegant Tangerine who travels with her client Bryan Tyree Henry (Lemon), Bad Bunny (The Wolf) e Hiroyuki Sanada (Elder).

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