“Bullshit! Guns have more rights than women!”

There aren’t enough words to condemn the US Supreme Court’s worrying and disastrous decision to overturn the law that guaranteed the right toabortion throughout the USA. Now a good half of the states will make it almost or completely illegal. And Halle Berry, along with many and many others, makes itself felt.

Reactions from all over the world in the face of one of the most terrible setbacks in terms of rights in the Western sphere. Something that was almost not thought possible: since yesterday, abortion in the United States will no longer be a right. Not in the sense that it will automatically be illegal, but that doesn’t matter: it will no longer be guaranteed. This is because the Supreme Courtmaking fun of a majority of conservative judges (out of the nine that make up the body) elected in part under the Trump Administration, abolished the sentence known as Roe v. Wade. The ruling in question, dating back to 1973, had ensured over the last 50 years that abortion remained a topic of federal interest

This means that the statesmany of whom have an extremely conservative majority, they could not make their own decisions on the matter, but only submit to a right guaranteed throughout the United States. This is no longer the case since yesterday: many states will obviously maintain it, but many others are already taking action to make it illegal or almost illegal, it is estimated at least 21 (nearly 50%) immediately. All of Hollywood sided against the Supreme Court and several media companies – including Disney, Warner, Netflix, Sony and Comcast – immediately communicated to their employees that they will cover travel expenses for abortions made illegal by their states of residence.

Among the many reactions, one of the most vehement – but in any case almost a trifle, compared to the disaster in matters of individual freedom that this regression will entail – was that of the Oscar-winning actress Halle Berryshared via social media: “I am outraged! What the Supreme Court did is bullshit. Something must be done! Guns have more rights than women. Stop this war on women and keep your laws off our bodies. We can’t accept it! We can’t just get over it, we have to DO SOMETHING about it”. If a bill to limit the use of weapons is landing in Congress in these days, one to definitively guarantee abortion at the amendment level – which, according to the way the US Constitution is set up, should be implicitly guaranteed – she just made herself indispensable and as soon as possible.

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