Bullshit talk by Carmelo, Jordan’s wild reaction: “He started…”

A master of the art of talking nonsense, Michael Jordan has almost always overpowered opponents who have dared to verbally harass him. Carmelo Anthony, the author of one of these provocations against His Airness, received the strongest response.

It’s hard to find an area where he doesn’t dominate the competition on the floor. ultimate basketball player, Michael Jordan Thus all his rivals got frustrated and could not find any way to suppress him. The leader of the Bulls really had an answer for everything in terms of sportsmanship, thanks to one of the most complete panoply in NBA history. So some people resorted to other techniques.

Among the methods employed to limit Mike’s influence, was the frequent use of trash-talking by his opponents. It is at their own risk. Indeed, again, No. 23 had nothing to envy his opponents, and often gained the edge over them. an asset that he possessed even at the end of his career, and for which even more contemporary stars have been able to pay.

Jordan’s outrageous response to Carmelo Anthony

The famous draft arrived in the league during 2003, with Carmelo Anthony never getting a chance to face Jordan. However, in the podcast million dollar value of the gameHe acknowledges that he has already had occasion to encounter her in another context… while he knows not to cross the line:

You can’t get into this small talk-talk game with him. It’s impossible!

A lesson that Mello understood unfortunately too late, as he reveals in a wonderful anecdote from their duel:

I told him that he is too young. When I was not in rhythm, he chased me throughout the game. He was saying things like, “You’re tired of following me around, okay? I told him, “Hey man, you’re so small. You’re so light. You’re a twig, man! »

He knows that some of us are capable of provoking him on the field and have the courage to say such nasty things to him. But then they started talking about victories and rings and other things. He does this every time. This is his self-defense mechanism.

It would be wrong for MJ, the holder of one of the most illustrious awards of all time, to ultimately deprive himself of this argument in a situation like this.

Besides, what could be more mundane than using it to placate Anthony, whose trophy cabinet will forever be bereft of Larry O’Brien trophies. An observation the former Knicks star will surely regret, and one Jordan was clearly more than happy to use to put him in his place. However, this did not prevent him from providing The Valuable Advice That Actually Changed Her Career ,

When verbally assaulted by Carmelo Anthony, Michael Jordan didn’t have to look far to silence him. A simple mention of her not so prestigious track record would be enough for her assailant to show her even more respect!

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