Bully 2

The alleged images of Bully 2 ended up online in recent weeks were false, as confirmed by those who made them.

The alleged images of Bully 2 ended up online in recent weeks were simply false, as confirmed by Felipe Borges, the Brazilian artist who created them, as well as the one who shared them. In short, he did it all by himself, so to speak, but he found many willing to believe him.

We had expressed great reservations about the reliability of the images stolen at the time, noting some very dubious aspects. However, there are those who believed in it. The truth is that currently there is nothing to confirm the existence of Bully 2, as many hoped. Rockstar Games probably isn’t even developing it, as it is from updating GTA Online and Red Ded Online.

We know that many will be disappointed by the news. Some time ago there was the talk of the development of Bully 2, but it was also said that it had been interrupted.

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