Burial shock: Swastika flag on coffin, hailing mourners

The Catholic Church and Jewish communities condemn the incident that followed the funeral of an activist of the neo-fascist movement. After the mass in the parish of St. Lucia in Rome and led out of the coffin from the church, a flag with the Nazi swastika was placed on it, and mourners paid tribute to the deceased by raising their right arm in Nazi salute.

Photos from the parish in the center of the Eternal City appeared on social media. The funeral ceremony of the 44-year-old activist of the neo-fascist Forza Nuova movement, Alessia Augello, took place there.

After the mass, in front of the church building, Mourners paid tribute to the dead Roman salute, and a flag with a swastika was placed on the coffin.

Residents of nearby houses photographed it from their windows.

Several dozen people can be seen in the photo. Now the police are trying to identify them.

The Vicariate of Rome has stated that it strongly condemns what happened before the parish of Saint Lucia. He emphasizes that it took place completely without the knowledge of the parish priest and the entire local clergy.

It was emphasized in the note that the swastika is “a terrible symbol incompatible with Christianity”.

The incident was also condemned by the Jewish community, shocked by the fact that such scenes still take place over seven decades after World War II and the fall of the fascist dictatorship in Italy.

“It is unacceptable that the swastika flag is still displayed publicly at this time in a city that witnessed the deportation of Jews by the Nazis and their fascist associates,” the statement read.

This is a reference to the round-up of Jews that took place in Rome on October 16, 1943. 1000 people were then deported to Auschwitz. After the end of the war, only 16 of them returned.

The statement emphasized that the incident was all the more outrageous in that it took place outside a Catholic temple.

On CNN we read that a similar incident happened in front of another Roman church last March.

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