Businessman Inigo Arenas Sais, who disappeared after leaving a nightclub in Polanco, is found dead.He would have moved to Black Royce Bar in Naucalpan

Today, Monday, August 7th, The lifeless body of a businessman Inigo Arenas Scythewho was rHe was reported missing on August 6th.

According to preliminary reports, Inigo Arenas Sais, 41, dead body found At Bar Back Royce in the City Naucalpan, Mexico.

Also, beyond Businessman’s death may have been caused by suspected bronchial aspirationbut none are discarded line of research.

Inigo Arenas Sais was transported to Black Royce in Naucalpan, where he was found dead.

According to the Civil Security Directorate’s police report,Inigo Arenas Sides was found at the emergency exit of Black Royce Bar. By a nightclub employee.

After that, the store manager called an ambulance, and paramedics rushed to the scene. A businessman reported missing has been confirmed dead.

Ultimately, the situation was reported to the Naucalpan District Public Prosecutor’s Office, A murder investigation was launched.

It was shown that Blackroyce was already insured, According to Radio Formula.

What is Black Royce?looks like this on social media

According to the social network of black royce, the facility is bar & grill restaurant, It operates on Boulevard Manuel Ávila Camacho 460.

The nightclub offers the following services: Women take the lead in providing care, There are also shows like Catwalks and theme parties.

According to various consumers in restaurants and bars, at Black Royce, You can buy drinks and food in the company of attractive women.

In addition, it is also pointed out that: “Attention is great” and “Women are beautiful”. This property is similar to Pent House, La Mansion, Romeo y Julieta and Le Femme.

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Black Royce, the facility where Inigo Arenas Saides was found dead (special)

AMLO confirms Inigo Arenas Saides found dead

in the August 7 morning meeting, President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador (Amuro) Confirmed death of Inigo Arenas Saisa businessman disappears in Mexico City (CDMX).

Presidential spokesman Jesús Ramírez Cuevas said live and off the microphone: The body of Arenas Sais was found in Naucalpan, Mexico.

Considering this, AMLO confirms he was found dead The public prosecutor’s office in the capital will provide more information about the case, he said.

“Yes, he died. Information will be provided by the public prosecutor’s office at a later date.”


Report of the death of Inigo Arenas Saides

The following was reported on the morning of August 7th. A dead body was found in Naucalpan, mexico state, One of the five most dangerous beings in this country.

Therefore, following the course of the investigation, the disappearance report of Inigo Arenas Sais led to the analysis of the possibility that the body belonged to a businessman.

This information was confirmed by La Chronica at around 8:30 am this Monday, confirming: Remains found dead are consistent with those of Inigo Arenas Scythe.

The news was also disseminated by Oscar Mario Betata and activist Saskia Niño de Rivera, who shared what the businessman had said on the issue through social networks. Black Royce in Naucalpan, Mexico.

The man, who was reported missing on Sunday, August 6, had originally planned to go to the police station. He was República del Distrito, a nightclub that left at 2:46 am.

After that, Inigo Arenas Saides tried to enter other facilities, but in the end, Black Royce is located in Manuel Avila Camacho, Naucalpan.

Inigo Arenas Sais was reported missing on Sunday, August 6.

Help was sought in the search for Inigo Arenas Saides, who disappeared after leaving a nightclub on Sunday afternoon, August 6. District Republic, Club Polancoin Miguel Hidalo’s Presidente Masaryk, CDMX.

According to the testimony of the facility owner and the surveillance camera recordings he shared, Inigo Arenas Sais left the nightclub at 2:46 am after being escorted out of the nightclub by security guards.

After that, the man did not return home, so he filed a missing person’s report.

In addition, share A search of the files showed Iñigo Arenas Saiz. He wore jeans and a gray plaid shirt, and had dark brown hair and brown eyes.

Businessman Inigo Arenas Saides disappears from CDMX's Polanco

Businessman Inigo Arenas Saides disappears from CDMX’s Polanco (@elconsejomx / Twitter)

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