Businessman prevented campaign between Cristiano Ronaldo and Luva de Pedreiro, says website

The business relationship between the influencer Iran Ferreira, the Pedreiro’s Glove, and businessman Allan Jesus gained another chapter this week. According to a column by Léo Dias, in “Metrópole”, the young Bahian would have missed an invitation from a multinational to star in a campaign alongside Portuguese ace Cristiano Ronaldo.

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Third largest consumer goods company in the world, Unilever tried to hire Glove de Pedreiro for a campaign for Clear Men, the famous shampoo of the Manchester United player.

According to what the journalist learned, as he did with Nike, Allan Jesus also declined the invitation. Previously, it was reported by the column that Nike tried to hire Luva de Pedreiro, but was stopped by the businessman. The proposal was related to the dissemination of the Brazilian team for the 2022 World Cup. However, Iran Ferreira would not even have known about the search for the brand.

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Luva de Pedreiro has a negligible balance in his bank accounts, with only a turnover of R$ 7,500 this year. Recently, it is worth remembering, the influencer was announced as a poster boy for Amazon Prime Video. The value of the contract, it is estimated, would be R$ 1 million.

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