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When everything seems to be getting worse, new absurd situations behind the scenes involving Luva de Pereiro and its former manager Allan Jesus, are wide open as market names and representatives of major brands get in touch with the LeoDias column to detail the how much the influencer was literally prevented from thriving. To give you an idea, we found out that the young Bahian still missed an invitation from a multinational to star in a campaign with Cristiano Ronaldo.

Unilever, the third largest consumer goods company in the world, tried to hire Glove de Pedreiro for a campaign for Clear Men, the famous shampoo of the powerful Manchester United player. But just as he did with Nike, Allan Jesus also said no to this invitation and missed one of the greatest opportunities that Luva de Pedreiro could have in his life.


“It was unanimous in the market his arrogance in dealing with brands”, said one of the sources heard by the column. Allan promised the young tiktoker that he would have news, said he was in negotiations, but the only one that actually materialized was with Amazon Prime Video.

The same source that brought us this information also guaranteed that the opportunity with Unilever would not only earn the young man a lot of money but also approval for the market, as it is a multinational wanting to invest in his image.

Among others, the column also learned that Allan Souza, who claims to have earned around R$ 2 million with works performed by Luva, even asked for more than twice that amount for the action. “Something totally out of the market context”, says the source heard in this space. For many, if Luva de Pedreiro had been well managed, it would have been a “Juliette” in terms of revenue.

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