But Which Is The Controversial (Even Downright Nasty) Fashion Trend That Will Be Everywhere This Summer

This season, the fashion world is unanimous: summers will be hot and our feet will be bare. Yes, you read that right, completely naked on the beach and in the city too. “Barefoot” This bohemian trend, even a little too much for our tastes, has invaded the fashion scene (and the cobbled streets of the city centre). Traveler style influence – and sensuous – or real summer lifestyle that will please the pedicure at the beginning of the school year? Guaranteed decryption of the trend without the fashion faux pas.

Barefoot: From the Catwalk to the Hot Asphalt… How Did Barefoot Invade the Fashion Scene?

Courage, Fendi, Moschino, Etro, Alice… The spring-summer 2023 fashion catwalks have spoken for: casually out of hand or out of sight, shoes have given relief to our looks and our feet are now one, Or if any, there are three. hot asphalt Temporary Hippie Fad or Ultimate Reconnection with Nature? One thing is for sure, this new trend that will arise from gorpcore (fashion inspired by the outdoors and whose term was popularized in 2022) is definitely not going to please everyone – and especially not the crazy.

Barefoot at Courage’s spring-summer 2023.

More present in men’s collections (apparently these gentlemen have more developed mystic skills, or milder notions of hygiene than we do, opinions differ), the barefoot trend is slowly beginning to make its way to our cities. And celebrities swear by it, as proved by ambassadors like “Barefoot Boy Summer”, actor Jacob Elordi or Shawn Mendes and their “Smoothie Squad”:

Shawn Mendes and his Barefoot Smoothie Squad.

Barefoot: The Trend That Promotes Hygiene (And Criticisms of Podiatrists)

If the practice of going barefoot is widely controversial across the region, celebrities seem to have unanimously embraced it, like these shots of Drew Barrymore returning from a sport barefoot on the streets of LA or at the Cannes Film Festival Cate Blanchett on stage, barefoot in a sparkly dress, not to mention the stage succession Where millionaire Lucas Mattson walks barefoot down the street to get into his private jet. If the bobo vibe of this fad – or lifestyle? — does not bother us too much, and even makes us feel very comfortable, the question of cleanliness arises. And for good reason: Seeing the barefoot trend take off, podiatrists are alerting urban barefoot enthusiasts. Indeed, devoid of all support and protection, our little toes are exposed to the harsh reality of the urban jungle: slippage, minor or major injuries, but also the bacteria and infections that go with it… In short, A questionable hygiene trend. Endless source of germs or style? One thing’s for sure, barefoot isn’t over to be controversial.

Drew Barrymore, barefoot on the streets of Los Angeles.

Cate Blanchett, bare feet in Cannes.

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