Buzz’s True Story: Are there any post credits scenes in the Pixar movie?

Lightyear – The true story of Buzz is at the cinema since June 15, 2022 to tell us about the exploits of a space hero, that exuberant Space Ranger we met in Andy’s room, intent on fighting for his place among the toys of Toy Storyalways determined to go “to infinity and beyond”, only to realize that the true infinity is found in the encounters, sometimes fortuitous, that are made in life. In the Disney Pixar film Buzz is not a toy, but a human being, an astronaut tasked with carrying out a very complex mission.

A film that makes us float in the galaxy at the speed of light, giving us life lessons and entertaining curtains, as well as new characters that orbit the life of the protagonist (voiced by Alberto Malanchino in the Italian version). A work that even engages in the theory of relativity, letting itself be tasted to the end and giving us small animated pearls even after the credits. So yes, if you are already wondering if there are any post credits scenes after the end of the animated film, the answer is yes!

But how many and what are the post credits scenes present after the end of Lightyear – The true story of Buzz? Let’s discover them together and try to understand their meaning. Needless to say, if you have not yet seen the film, you should not continue reading the article, especially if you do not want to run into unpleasant spoilers.

Lightyear – The true story of Buzz: the first post credits scene of the Pixar film

The first scene comes shortly after the end of the film and could be called a continuation of the film itself, since it shows daily life on the planet where the crew now lives. The protagonist is the Commander Burnside (voiced in Italian by Massimo Bitossi and in the original version by Isiah Whitlock Jr.), which we have seen in disagreement with Lightyear. While the latter wants at all costs to leave the planet, in fact, the commander has already canceled the mission without batting an eye, resigning himself to the idea of ​​never returning to Earth.
A choice, the latter, which in the end will prove valid also for the protagonist, who will discover at his expense that mistakes are often opportunities to live better. Thus the placid vision of the Commander Burnside, who is shown relaxed and pleased at his desk, is nothing more than a confirmation that everything is going smoothly, as planned. Behind him, through the huge window, we see an alien insect attempting to venture beyond the laser shield, but the ingenious invention blocks its arrival, arousing a smirk in the Commander.

What do you see in the second post credits scene?

Lightyear - The true story of Buzz,
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We have to wait halfway through the credits to see the second scene, starring ERIC, the nice and awkward robot to whom Angus MacLane himself lends his voice. This artificial intelligence is inserted into history with the intention of acting as a navigator and indicating the best escape routes but, a bit like the old TomToms (but also the new ones), it gets lost in continuous recalculations of the route, without however providing never the correct solution. If Buzz and his human friends rightly decide to go it alone, succeeding in the mission, the robot does not notice their absence or the now uselessness of his work, continuing in vain to try to explain the way to go. In the light of what is seen in the film, the revival of the scene clearly arouses hilarity, while adding nothing – like the previous one – to the plot of the film.

Lightyear – The true story of Buzz. What do you see in the final post credits scene?

The showpiece indeed Lightyear – The true story of Buzz he leaves it exactly in the final, ending the post credits scenes with the one in which it is revealed what happened to Zurg, the villain of the animated film voiced by James Brolin in the original version and by Massimo Dapporto in the Italian one.
If the film lets us understand his defeat, this scene reveals the opposite: Buzz’s alter ego is alive and well and, from what we see, still quite angry.
We are not shown much, but certainly its representation on the big screen is a real twist, as well as a path that could be followed for a possible sequel.

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