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Ionity is probably a little scared by Tesla and its announcement that Superchargers will be made available to all brands. The operator has just announced that it wants to launch 5,000 new fast charging points by 2025, for a total of 7,000 points. They will be built on highways, but also in large cities and on busy roads.

Ionity charging stations to come. Distant date, considerable expansion

Ionity is a consortium that includes the BMW Group, Ford, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes and the Volkswagen concern, as well as the investment company BlackRock. The operator has just announced that it will invest EUR 700 million (equivalent to PLN 3.3 billion) to solidly expand the network of electric car charging stations. It was announced shortly after the announcement that BlackRock was joining the organization – previously Ionity consisted only of companies from the automotive industry.

By 2025, Ionity wants a total of 7,000 charging points instead of the current 1,526 charging points (+360 percent), all handling 350 kW (HPC). The operator’s devices are now in 385 locations across Europe, which gives an average of about 4 points (chargers) per one facility. But the expansion will involve both the launch of completely new stations and the expansion of existing locations, so it should be assumed that the total number of stations in 2025 will be between 1,000 and 1,200.

Part of the charging stations is to be located near large cities and on busy routes other than highways. From 6 to 12 charging points are to appear on them. Ionity also talks about places where “people can recharge their batteries”, suggesting places to rest and eat (source).

In Poland, Ionity is present in four locations today: at MOP Olsze (x2; A1, direction Tricity, direction Warsaw), in Kaszewy Kościelne near Kutno (A1 x DK92) and in Świecko (DK29, near A2). Another three stations are under construction in Zgorzelec (DK94 x A4) and at MOP Nowostawy and MOP Niesułków (A2). We also have unofficial leaks that another station is being built on the A4 “near Wrocław”, but we do not know its exact location.

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