C1 mourns the loss of one of its heroes

An English international on 52 occasions, Trevor Francis was the hero of the C1 final in 1979. an incredible achievement.

We are talking about a time when football did not allow transfer offers of more than 300 million euros… We are talking about a time when dreams did come true.

What could the Nottingham Forest manager have dreamed of after winning a ticket to the English top flight in 1977? Certainly not to win the biggest European competition two years later.

Forest and Monaco attacked at the same time

This is what happened to Brian Clough and his men in 1979. Forest’s coach and his team achieved one of the greatest achievements in the history of C1, the European Cup of Champion Clubs, Real, which brought first place in the ranking, not Dolphins.

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Nottingham Forest had already made an incredible performance in 1978 by winning the English crown when promoted (in the French D1 at the same time as AS Monaco), seven points better than defending champions Liverpool.

1978–1979 marked the club’s European dedication and Trevor Francis became the hero of the final, the only C1 match played that season, scoring a goal from Malmö’s cross from John Robertson (1–0, 45th+1) against Sweden.

Trevor Francis left this world at the age of 69, we learned on Monday after suffering a heart attack at his home in Spain. After winning a second C1 with Forest in 1980, the Plymouth native continued his career at Manchester City, Serie A (Atlanta, Sampdoria) and ended it in 1994 at Sheffield Wednesday.

We will not forget his 52 caps and his 12 goals with the Three Lions, including two goals scored during the 1982 World Cup and another participation in the 1986 World Cup.

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