Cabruêra releases album ‘Sol a Pino’, produced by a Colombian who worked with Shakira and Bomba Estéreo | Music in Paraíba

Cabruêra released the sixth studio album ‘Sol a Pino’, this Tuesday (21), with 10 tracks, seven of them unreleased and three that were previously released as singles. The album was produced by Colombian Felipe Alvarez, from Pólen Records, who has worked with Shakira and the band Bomba Estéreo.

The release of ‘Sol a Pino’ was scheduled for 2020, but it was postponed, in part because of the pandemic, as vocalist and founder Arthur Pessoa explains. “The pandemic made it unfeasible, first because the record wasn’t here with us, it was there in Colombia, being mixed there. We expected it to come out when we were playing, and with the pandemic that wouldn’t be possible”.

Arthur Pessoa sees the positive side of postponement. “It was good because we had more time to work on the record, especially Felipe in the mix. The record now comes as a breath of joy to soften a little”.

Of the 10 tracks, ‘A Vida’, ‘No Mar’ and ‘Deixa a Gira Girar’, a version of the classic by the group Os Tincoãs, had already been released. The last track, ‘Marsicano’, is a tribute to Alberto Marsicano, one of the producers of Cabruêra’s previous album, ‘Nordeste Oculto’. The artist, who passed away in 2013, chose the current album title.

‘Sol a Pino’ refers to the expression ‘Pino do Meio Dia’, common in northeastern Brazil, used to describe the sun in the zenith position, that is, in the highest place.

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