The 140 kilometers of the Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race 2023 ended with the victory of the 26-year-old Dutch Loes Adegeest (FDJ – SUEZ) who, at the finish line in Geelong, in a very tactical sprint similar to a track challenge, anticipated the expert Amanda Spratt (Trek – Segafredo) with whom she had escaped in the last kilometers of the race. On the third step of the podium went Nina Buijsman, 25 years old from Human Powered Health who regulated the group of the best, reaching 4″ behind the fugitives.

THE RACE – After some attacks that characterized the race in the initial kilometers and in the central phase, the competition heated up about thirty kilometers from the finish when, approaching the first pass on the Challambra climb, the group was selected with Loes Adegeest, Nikola Nosková and Amanda Spratt to pass in order from the GPM; a few kilometers later it was Lauretta Hanson (Trek – Segafredo) who tried the lunge followed by Alexandra Manly (Team Jayco AlUla).

The decisive counterattack they scored, less than ten kilometers from the finish line, Amanda Spratt and Loes Adegeest, with the Australian of Trek Segafredo giving the greatest impetus to the action, well protected behind her by her teammate Brodie Chapman, fresh national champion of Australia.

The leading tandem managed to have a maximum advantage of 25” but in the last two kilometers the gap narrowed considerably and, in the straight line, the two fugitives risked being overtaken. At 300 meters Loes Adegeest launched the muzzle resisting a timid attempt at an answer by Spratt and thus celebrating his second career victory (the first in the World Tour) which coincides with the fourth of the season for the transalpine team.


1.22Loes ADEGEEST (FST)3h52:47

2.5Amanda SPRATT (TFS)+0

3.36Nina BUIJSMAN (HPW)+4

4.65Josie NELSON (HPU)+4

5.81Danielle DE FRANCESCO (ZAF)+4

6.31Henrietta CHRISTIE (HPW)+4


8.12Georgia WILLIAMS (TIB)+4

9.11Krista DOEBEL-HICKOK (TIB)+4

10.72Simone BOILARD (AUB)+4

11.1Brodie CHAPMAN (TFS)+4

12.44Claire STEELS (CGS)+4

13.111Rachel NEYLAN (AUS)+4

14.83Nikola NOSKOVA (ZAF)+4

15.74Dilyxine MIERMONT (AUB)+4

16.116Justine BARROW (AUS)+4

17.51Alexandra MANLY (JAY)+7

18.52 Amber PATE (JAY)+28

19.33Daria PIKULIK (HPW)+54

20.54 Georgina HOWE (JAY)+54

21.21Grace BROWN (FST)+54

22.16Lauren STEPHENS (TIB)+54

23.64Mari Hole MOHR (HPU)+1:25

24.96Mia HAYDEN (TBL)+1:41

25.2Lauretta HANSON (TFS)+1:46

26.25 Victoria GUILMAN (FST) + 1:46

27.84Michaela DRUMMOND (ZAF)+1:46

28.43Thi That NGUYEN (CGS)+1:46

29.112Chloe HOSKING (AUS)+2:21

30.86Maggie COLES-LYSTER (ZAF)+2:21

31.62Georgia DANFORD (HPU)+2:21

32.24Eugénie DUVAL (FST)+2:21

33.66Sylvie SWINKELS (HPU)+2:21

34.91Emily WATTS (TBL)+2:21

35.104Isabelle CARNES (ARA)+2:21

36.115Matilda RAYNOLDS (AUS)+2:21

37.94Lillee POLLOCK (TBL)+5:25

38.34Kaia SCHMID (HPW)+5:25

39.101Sophie EDWARDS (ARA)+5:25

40.32Antri CHRISTOFOROU (HPW)+5:25

41.63Tiril JØRGENSEN (HPU)+5:25

42.102Rachael WALES (ARA)+5:25

43.46 Caroline BAUR (CGS)+5:25

44.73Camille FAHY (AUB)+5:25

45.75Roxane FOURNIER (AUB)+5:28

46.71Coralie DEMAY (AUB)+5:28

47.76 Sandrine BIDEAU (AUB)+5:28

48.42Mia GRIFFIN (CGS)+8:15

49.93Gina RICARDO (TBL)+8:15

50.85Debora SILVESTRI (ZAF)+8.15am

51.45Elena PIRRONE (CGS)+8:15

52.95Keely BENNETT (TBL)+8:15

53.55Jessica ALLEN (JAY)+8:15

54.92Jessica PRATT (TBL)+10:45

55.3Lisa KLEIN (TFS)+12:29

56.4Ilaria SANGUINETI (TFS)+12:29

57.61Kerry JONKER (HPU)+12:29

58.113Haylee FULLER (AUS)+12:29

59.6Tayler WILES (TFS)+12:29

60.23Clara COPPONI (FST)+12:29

61.105Chloe MORAN (ARA)+12:29

62.106Lucinda STEWART (ARA)+12:29

63.26Gladys VERHULST (FST)+12:29

dnf15Abi SMITH (TIB)

dnf35Lily WILLIAMS (HPW)

dnf41Silvia MAGRI (CGS)

dnf53Alyssa POLITES (JAY)

dnf103Alisha WELLS (ARA)

dnf114Alli ANDERSON (AUS)


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