Cagliari, chaos at Ss. Trinità: “Patients piled up and abandoned for days in the emergency room”

Chaos in the emergency room of the Holy Trinity of Cagliari. Health increasingly in the abyss even in the Sardinian capital, the Fials complaint treatment arrives with its provincial secretary Paolo Cugliara and his colleague from Sanluri Giampaolo Mascia: “The emergency room is in a dramatic condition. We are not in Kiev, much less in Beirut or in an earthquake area. We report a situation on the verge of bewilderment, where patients are crowded in the corridor, some in serious condition, with almost non-existent toilets. All in spite of the great and tireless commitment of doctors, nurses and Oss, who have nothing to do with the structural and staff deficiencies in which the structure is located, where patients should be supportive before any hospitalization or discharge after short observation and instead remain abandoned for days and days in an environment unsuitable for the management of specific health care “.

For Fials, “the current scenario is directly connected with the wicked choices in appointing the managers of city hospitals, not excluding the inadequate guidance of the nursing service which with to date, his choices have negatively affected the staffing of nurses through questionable transfers, yet the elections are over ”. Cugliara and Mascia point the finger at “the general management of Asl 8 Cagliari, must evaluate the work on the above and implement all the related interventions within its competence”.

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