Cagliari-Perugia 3-2, the report cards: Viola, what a class! Space Melchiorri, Vulikic evil and Di Pardo

Final result: Cagliari-Perugia 3-2

Radunovic 6 – The goals conceded are attributable to the defense, not to him.

By Pardo 5– Little is seen in the offensive phase, struggling to coordinate with Pereiro. In addition, he trivially loses the ball that leads to Melchiorri’s equalizer. His match lasts only one time (from 46 ‘ Hoe 6 – Play with personality, try different runs but don’t always handle the ball very well)

Altar 6.5 – His season starts very well, even with a goal. However, the defensive performance is not perfect, especially after the entry of Di Serio.

Goldaniga 5– Melchiorri shows him the green mice. The former Frosinone gives him too much space in both Perugian networks and in general he did not seem brilliant.

Obert 6– Diligent performance in defense. Going forward is not the house specialty and it shows. (from 73 ‘ Coals 5.5 – Casasola puts him in difficulty several times in the final)

Lella 6 – He puts personality and dynamism into it, also helped by his comrades in the ward (from 73 ‘ Deiola 6 – A couple of good plays)

Makoumbou 6.5– The surprise of the day. The Congolese midfielder from Slovenia takes on the role of director and plays it very well, missing very few balls.

Purple 7.5 – He was looking forward to showing his new fans the best repertoire. Perfect corner after two minutes, extraordinary free kick that decides the game, the role of mezzala played very well.

Pereiro 5.5– Some good play alternating with long moments of absence. The usual Pereiro: intermittently. (from 60 ‘ Lapadula 6.5 – A lot of struggle and a well-transformed fundamental rigor. It also earns the decisive punishment)

Pavoletti 5– He’s so wrong, the condition isn’t there yet. (from 85 ‘ Kourfalidis sv)

Luvumbo 6.5– It does the kilometers, and it does them well. The Angolan is in clear growth, he often manages to be in the right place despite not always choosing the best play with the ball at his feet. Many doubts about the rigor granted to him.

Fabio Liverani 6– He has a lot of work to do, especially on the defensive phase and on his athletic condition. The team has already started the “gamer” metamorphosis and even mentally has never given up, but there is still a lot to do. Today saved from the episodes.

Gori 5.5 – Viola’s punishment was almost impregnable, although perhaps the former Pisa could be more explosive. For the rest, some good releases, but also several errors on postponements.

Sgarbi 6– Contains Luvumbo well in the first half, has no major faults in the defeat.

Dell’Orco 7– Dominates Pavoletti, he is very well and seems at ease in this role of central defensive.

Vulikic 5 – He’s the one who loses Altare after a few minutes: a real shocking start to his Italian adventure. That does not go much better: due to the penalty of 2-2 even if the foul did not seem to be there. (from 82 ‘ Angori 5.5 – Causes the punishment that gives the victory to Cagliari)

Casasola 6 – Take advantage of its containment features for a good part of the game, without standing out too much. In the end, only the crossbar (hit by Melchiorri) does not allow him to score an assist.

Iannoni 5.5– Try to put dynamism and substance into it. The courage to go beyond the homework is still lacking.

Vulic 6– Gives geometry to the midfield without overdoing it. (from 91 ‘ Ghion sv)

Lysis 6– He does not play in his role and maybe he will have to get used to: first half as a midfielder, restarted by second striker. However, he does the same and often manages to give liveliness. (from 65 ‘ Serious 7 – It takes him two minutes to find his first goal of the season. And he touches another one too, taking advantage of his speed)

Righetti 6.5– The assist for Kouan was a lot of stuff: it doesn’t matter that the Ivorian made a mistake with an empty net. For the rest of him he plays a diligent game that enriches his wealth of experience. Warned, Castori replaced him immediately. (from 65 ‘ Patient 5.5 – Log in to manage Luvumbo, who nevertheless manages to earn a penalty. Inaccurate in the offensive phase)

Kouan 6– The goal eaten in the first half is very serious, but he puts a hand in both goals. The assist for the 1-1 is from him, but also the doubling comes from his passage. (from 91 ‘ Compartment sv)

Melchiorri 7.5– A space match of the ex on duty. He finds the goal with a splendid shot with a weak foot, gives Di Serio an assist, hits the crossbar and tries to always be in the thick of the maneuver. The Beaver cure could give him a second youth.

Fabrizio Castori 6.5– His team already has the right spirit. Of course, the approach was not the best given the goal conceded cold. But the reaction was there and his are eliminated only for episodes and individual plays.

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