Caitlin Jennner to counter the transformation, she says she does not regret

Kathleen Jenner, father of Kendall and Kyile Jenner. As Bruce Jenner was married three times. Has six children. Last marriage with Kris Kardashian, mother of Kim Kardashian, collapsed in 2015. .In 2015. one of the TV produced a reality show “I am Cait”, in which Kathleen talked about everyday life.

Previously, was an Olympic champion runner. Has even the U.S. and set a record for the decathlon ( and this twice).

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Bruce Jenner before transitioning Kathleen Jenner

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Kathleen Jenner about gender transformation

As she herself said in an interview People.com, the first time I felt happy when held in the hands of a driver’s license with her new name in 2015.

Kathleen Jenner, formerly belonged to the Republicans, and, therefore, she was not quite tolerable for the LGBT community. Over time, however, when a man transpłciową, he changed his mind.

One of the creators of the program I am CaitJeff Olde weapons Cailtyn. Believes that everyone can make mistakes and change their minds. No one is perfect.

Jenner said she got the impression that she made significant progress.

As she recalls, loves the LGBT community and wants to help her. Caitlin from three years to support transgender students who bursaries. She founded the Foundation, which aims to support and assistance for transgender people.

Jenner understands that differs from other single people, however, as she admitted, wakes up every morning happy and grateful for what happened to her.

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