Caitlyn Jenner explains why she’s the only family member in new Kardashians doc

caitlyn jenner

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Caitlyn Jenner has explained why she is the only member who has taken part in Sky’s new documentary House of Kardashian.

The three-part series covers Caitlyn’s time as an Olympic athlete, Kris Jenner’s marriage to OJ Simpson-defending lawyer Robert Kardashian, Caitlyn and Kris’ marriage and the rise of the family to global superstardom through an infamous sex tape and their reality shows.

Caitlyn, who is the biological parent of Kendall and Kylie and was step-parent to Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and Rob, has given “first-hand testimony” in the documentary, unlike the rest of the family.

caitlyn jenner

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Explaining her reasoning, Caitlyn said (via Deadline): “It’s very difficult when you’re in public life and in the media, especially the Kardashians… Sometimes it’s just very disappointing to see how they’re represented.

“And when they approached me about doing this show, once I thought about it, I thought, ‘You know what? I want to get involved. I want to do my best to be very positive and really represent the family and the kids in a positive way.’

“I really haven’t talked with them about it. I’m kind of doing this on my own. I’ve been in the media for a long time. I know how the game is played.”

caitlyn jenner

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While Caitlyn didn’t talk to the kids about the documentary, it turns out she doesn’t really talk to Kris at all nowadays.

“If there’s any communication, my manager kind of talks to her and when you have as many kids as I have, you’re closer to some than you are to others… I certainly see them, and we do this and that, ” she said on This Morning last week.

“I’m much closer to the Jenner side, but Kris, I don’t really have any more contact with her. It’s kind of sad because we went through a lot.”

House of Kardashian can be watched via Sky Go and NOW.

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