Caitlyn Jenner has a political career. Kardashians are forbidden to meddle!

Caitlyn Jenner
Author: Rex Features / East News

Caitlyn Jenner announced a while ago that she intends to fight for the post of California Governor. The words did not end there, because the transgender celebrity is just getting to work hard.

Ever since Bruce Jenner changed sex and became Caitlyn Jenner and stepped out of the shadow of the Kardashian family running on his own. Initially, the celebrity was involved in social matters, mainly those related to supporting transgender people.

Now he is going one step further and plans to start his political career. I mean, finally get on with her, because she informed about her plans a long time ago.

Caitlyn Jenner dreams of becoming the governor of California and is now doing everything she can to fulfill her political plan.

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Will her relatives help her, i.e. the famous Kardashian clan? None of these things. Even if celebrities wanted to, they got a ban from Caitlyn!

Foreign media reports that 71-year-old Caitlyn personally informed Kardashianki about the prohibition to meddle in her political career! Celebrities probably wanted to interfere too much, or maybe they are just fed up with family politics after Kanye’s run in the presidential election?

Either way, Jenner has no intention of giving up on her dreams. He boldly wades forward without the help of his family.

I called each of them and said, Hey, that’s what I want to do. I want you not to interfere. I told them: I don’t want you to get involved in this. I don’t want a dime, I don’t want a single tweet, no Instagram post. Just stay away.


To be clear, Caitlyn is all about politics, and in private matters, family support is still welcome.

I wonder if Caitlyn’s words spark another drama in the family …

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