Calabria, hospitals without doctors: the governor enlists 500 Cuban specialists

It is Sos Medici in the toe of the boot. And so Calabria calls, Cuba responds. Almost 500 doctors will arrive from the Caribbean island, which had already sent about fifty white coats during the first hard stages of Covid, to help the poor Calabrian healthcare.

At the Embassy of the Cuban Republic in Italy, the President of the Region Roberto Occhiuto has signed a cooperation agreement with the Comercializadora de servicios medicos Cubanos (CSMC), the society of Cuban doctors, for the provision of medical and health services on the regional territory.

Calabria without intensive and those two billion never spent on the revitalization of health care

by Alessia Candito

“Thanks to this agreement in Calabria – explains the governor – we will be able to temporarily use, until all the competitions are successfully completed, health workers from Cuba. The Caribbean government can make 497 doctors with different specializations available to us” .

The first doctors who will arrive in September, kicking off the experimental phase of this collaboration, will be those who know and speak Italian. “The others – explains Occhiuto – before taking up service, will take intensive courses to learn our language quickly and well. Cuban doctors – he adds – will always be supported by our health workers”.

There is no cure for health in Calabria

by Giuseppe Smorto

The negotiation that led to the agreement dates back to months ago and from the regional citadel it was decided to keep it “confidential” also because “other public and private institutions – in Occhiuto’s words – were persistently exploring the same path”. “The result achieved – concludes the President of the Region – repays us for the work done and allows us to face the next steps to restore and improve our regional health care with greater serenity”.

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