Calciomercato Lazio, Lotito studies the moves for Parisi, but Empoli asks for a huge amount

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The name is always the same, Fabiano Parisi. He did not arrive in the summer but could arrive in January, also because Lazio really need a left-back. Claudio Lotito it generally remains almost “still” during the winter market, while in the summer market it gets busy. As reported by the usual review of Radioseithe Biancoceleste patron spent the summer 50 million to enrich the staff and the results are visible. Lazio are fourth and there is enormous enthusiasm around them.

It took six months to bring Casale to Rome, maybe it will take twelve for Parisi? Things are like this: Sarri wants a natural left-handed left to start the action and attack, Lotito is determined to please him but for now it is only a liking, because with theEmpoli there would be no contact yet. The Tuscan club values ​​him over 10 million. The footballer has renewed his contract until 2025, Fiorentina had attempted the assault for him in the summer but failed, with the goal of Zurkowski’s redemption by the Tuscans not successful. Time to time, the summer transfer session underlined that the company is completely willing to please its coach and in all likelihood it will be like that in winter as well. Lotito, on the last day of the market, had entered by formalizing the dry loan of Akpa Akpro. A right of redemption has not been set, but Zanetti likes the player and the two teams could talk about it in the future and a renewal of the loan is not excluded. As for the players coming out in the next market session, the name of Kamenovic should also be noted, not included in the Uefa list and therefore out of the plans of the Biancoceleste coach.

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