Calenda against Youtrend: «They are the pollsters of the Democratic Party». Pregliasco’s response: “The electoral campaign makes you unclear”

Action leader Carlo Calenda is quite angry with the pollsters. All the fault of an exit detection after the tear with the Democratic party. The one of Youtrend for Sky, which gives the center-right an advantage of 19 points over the center-left and – above all – the Third Pole (not yet born) under 5%. That’s why Omnibus on La7 went on the attack. «The poll that Iv-Action would give to 4% it does not worry me. The 4% the pollster of the Democratic Party and + Europe gives it to us. I saw him in action at the administrative offices. Serious pollsters are not detecting why people are at the seaside right now, ”he said Calenda. And again: «others give us to 6%to the 15%to the 75%… Then will come the September 25th and if the Italians vote, they will vote. Otherwise it is another story ».

Polls and pollsters

But Lorenzo Pregliasco, founding partner of Youtrend, already has replied: «The enthusiasm of the electoral campaign can make people unclear. We work with almost all the main parties, as well as with institutions and companies, like all our colleagues. Last night a poll of Swg for La7 (at the beach?). The administrative data is invented ». And still: “I wish Calenda many wishes for the electoral campaign, I hope he can live it with serenity dealing with more important things than YouTrend,” said Pregliasco, publishing the voting intentions for the municipal elections in Rome. In which the prediction turned out to be correct.

But where does the accusation of being “the pollster of the Democratic Party” come from? Just yesterday Pregliasco had published a card from a facebook user of Renzian militancy who accused him of the same thing. The pollster has announced a lawsuit against him.

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