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Silvio Berlusconi criticizes the Democratic Party, and here he intervenes Carlo Calenda. The leader of Action, just signed the pact with the dem, feels drawn into question and replies to the number one of Forza Italia. Il Cavaliere, with a post on Twitter, wrote: “The agreement between Calenda and Letta demonstrates what we have always said: there is no room for a third center force, we are the center. I speak of the true center, an alternative to the left. , that of the EPP that we proudly represent in Italy “.

Take a stand: Calenda humiliates mister hesitates Letta, goodbye pact?

In response, Calenda’s reaction: “Look that the EPP is allied with the Social Democrats (read PD) against Salvini and Meloni. So following your reasoning you are a dangerous Bolshevik“Phrases that the web users did not like.

Does the alliance hold up ?.  Calenda, anger after the secret meeting with Letta.  And the Greens say yes to the Democratic Party: total chaos

“Oh my God, now Calenda starts answering Berlusconi as well, he’s in very bad shape”, writes one user while others echo him: “Carle ‘, I want you too well, but it is not that we can arrive like this until September 25th huh. Without a game of cards, a walk, a shopping center, a swim in the sea, in short, leave you 10 minutes … “,” If that’s why the liberals you say you belong to in Europe are not allies with the extreme left of the greens and anti-capitalists like Bonelli and Fratoianni in terms of consistency you have to shut upat least for decency, but I see you’ve lost it for a while. “In short, Calenda’s is a real boomerang.

But wasn't Calenda a liberal?  In comparison Renzi looks like a giant

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