CALENDAR. August 13, Friday more to the left

Today, Friday, August 13, is the 225th day of the year with 140 days left. The sun rose at 5:15 am, it will set at 8:05 pm. The day will last 14 hours. 50 minutes and will be shorter than the longest by 1 hour. and 56 minutes and longer than the shortest by 7 hours. and 7min. Name days are celebrated: Name days are celebrated by: Diana, Helena and Jan. The zodiac sign born on August 13 is Leo.

There are 39 days left to the end of the astronomical summer, only 19 days until the end of the summer vacation.

Folk WISDOM for today: When August cools down after hot July, then hard winter comes with great snow.

WEATHER: Friday will be sunny and clear. Cloud cover throughout the day should be only small. The temperature will stay at 24 degrees Celsius. The wind will be mostly weak, although there will be stronger gusts, reaching the speed of 40 km / h. On the other hand, the biomet will be neutral and beneficial.

A WORD for today: spinsthat is a quarrel, misunderstanding, conflict. Word submitted in the plebiscite for the Youth Word of the Year 2017.

In the Calendar of unusual holidays on August 13 it is written: International Day of Left-Handed People; approx. 8-15% of the world’s population are left-handed (in Poland it is approx. 8%). Among the world’s celebrities, left-handers are, among others Barack Obama, Angelina Jolie, Prince William, Bill Gates, Robert De Niro, Tom Cruise, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Eminem, Jim Carrey, Julia Roberts. Polish left-handed stars include Joanna Brodzik, Andrzej Wajda, Jerzy Pilch, Katarzyna Glinka, Krzysztof Penderecki. Even in the seventies, it was considered a disadvantage and manliness was exterminated. The trend has radically changed, and now scientists conducting research on the phenomenon of left-handedness see left-handed people with greater abilities in specific areas. Apparently, they are better at acquiring foreign languages, are more often musically and artistically gifted, have good reflexes, have no difficulties with geometry, and assess distances better. Among the math geniuses, you can find a large percentage of left-handers. It is no coincidence (apparently) that only two US presidents were not left-handed. In 2007, research was conducted showing that left-handed men with higher education are 26% more affluent than right-handers.


They were born August 13:

1926 – Fidel Castro, Cuban lawyer, politician, president and prime minister of Cuba;

1965 – Małgorzata Baczyńska, Polish fashion designer;

1971 – Katarzyna Herman, Polish actress;

Saved on the pages of the calendar:

in 1915, World War I is underway, the German army seizes Białystok;

in 1923 the first ocean-going vessel, the French SS Kentucky, called Gdynia;

in 1944 (the 13th day of the Warsaw Uprising) an explosion of a “trap-tank” on Kilińskiego Street, which killed about 300 civilians and insurgents;

sugar coupons were introduced in 1976;

in 2007, the President of the Republic of Poland, Lech Kaczyński, dismissed the ministers from the League of Polish Families and Self-Defense of the Republic of Poland;

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