Calendars 2023, let’s discover together the ones that give us the most emotions!

WORLD – 2022 has ended and, as always, there are many expectations for the new year. Our way of starting 2023 also passes through photos and images that capture emotions. Again this year, in fact, we want to take you with us on a virtual tour that will let you discover some of the 2023 Calendars that have most captured our attention.

Time flies very fast and we realize it from the fact that it’s already time to choose the 2023 calendars we like best. The most unusual, extravagant, particular ones, in any case the ones we choose will accompany us for the next 365 days. For those who want to read it again, this was our article in which we talked about 2022 calendars.

Now let’s project our gaze on the coming months and we want to do it through the funniest images, the ones that give us time to reflect or the ones that will be able to amaze us the most.

Just a few weeks ago we told you about the 2023 calendar by the Bolognese photographer Paolo Gotti, WATER. The future of the planet.

2023 calendars

The artist has selected some iconic shots taken from his immense archive to illustrate one of the crucial themes of the contemporary era: the protection of water, our most precious resource, which covers about 70% of the planet’s surface. We told you about it here.

In our overview of the most particular, well-known and special calendars, we cannot help but mention the Pirelli calendar. Born in 1963, probably the most famous of all, its edition is limited because it is not for sale. In fact, this calendar is given to a small number of important Pirelli customers and some VIPs.

Its publication has not been smooth over the years. It was in fact interrupted in 2021 due to the pandemic and also for 10 years due to the global economic recession due to the oil crisis (since 1975).

Appearing on the Pirelli calendar is certainly an important sign of distinction for the photographers who have been commissioned to take the shots over the years (among others we mention: Donovan, Stern, Ritts, Peter Lindbergh, Weber, Annie Leibovitz, Demarchelier, Terry Richardson, McCurry , Inez & Vinoodh).

Of this very famous calendar we have also had the pleasure of talking to you in recent years.

For the 2023 edition, and once again, the credit goes to a woman. The artist who signed the images this year is the Australian photographer Emma Summerton. His is certainly a touch of great class, together with the right amount of originality and extravagance.

Love Letters to the Muse

In her shots, the photographer has interpreted the many faces of the feminine in her own way in a fascinating mix of reality and fantasy. And to achieve this goal you have chosen fourteen different personalities but all with great energy and strength, women who pursue their dreams with enthusiasm. Ashley Graham, Cara Delevingne, Emily Ratajkowski, just to name a few. This is how the Australian photographer talks about her muses:

“It’s the women who inspire me, who are at the center of everything”

Love Letters to the Muse is the title he gave to the 2023 edition.

The 2023 Mann Calendar created by the Italian School of Comix

And we certainly cannot forget the new edition of the calendar of the National Archaeological Museum of Naples (Mann). We have also talked about this calendar in recent years.

Year that comes and traditions that are renewed: also for 2023 the calendar of the National Archaeological Museum of Naples will be created by the Italian School of Comix. Which chooses a unique artist, Paolo Barbieri, as mentor of an evocative journey between past and present.


The leitmotif of the illustrations for the next twelve months will be the theme of the divine: “It wasn’t easy to compete artistically with the Olympians. Many masters, over time, have tried their hand at trying to represent them. Each age, however, needs its own gaze, otherwise the gods perish. Today Barbieri with the admirable tables of him resurrects from oblivion and brings the ancient myth back into the contemporary ”, comments the Director of MANN, Paolo Giulierini. From Zeus to Hera, from Artemis to Poseidon, from Apollo to Eros, the twelve “divine presences” of 2023 are told by Barbieri, taking up the creative research that gave life to the publication “Favole degli dèi. Heroes, creatures and divinities of Greek mythology” (Sergio Bonelli editore, 2022): the collaboration with the publisher is renewed for the 2023 MANN calendar as well and reaffirms the Museum’s attention to the new languages ​​of communication (and comics).

2023 calendars

The network with the Italian School of Comix directed by Mario Punzo is a confirmation: the collaboration develops within the dissemination project Obvia- Out Of Boundaries Viral Art dissemination.
The project manager, Professor Daniela Savy (University of Naples “Federico II”) explains: “We aim to promote the Museum in an always proactive dialogue with the territory: it is necessary to involve our community in the knowledge and use of the archaeological heritage”.

And with this tour through some of the most iconic calendars, we wish you all your dreams come true in 2023!

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