California. Sacks with dollars fell out of the car. People were literally jumping for joy. But there are also detained

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According to the BBC, the incident took place on Friday around 9:15 local time on Highway 5 in Southern California. One of the doors of the armored vehicle that was to travel from San Diego to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp suddenly opened. Bags of banknotes fell out of it, and thousands of dollars fell on the road.

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People started collecting banknotes

Police stressed that the incident sparked excitement among drivers who started stopping their cars and collecting money. Recordings from the highway appeared on the network. They show happy people running along the way to collect bills. One of them can be viewed below:

The highway was blocked for several hours. The officers detained two people, the rest were called to hand over the collected banknotes. As they emphasize, anyone who has taken the money can be accused. On Friday, a dozen people reported to the police to return their dollars.

It has not yet been announced how many banknotes have been taken. It is also unknown why the vehicle door opened. The FBI is investigating this.

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