California Sun. Alberto Maroni’s first fantasy in bookstores

California Sun A. Maroni

“California Sun”, the first fantasy by Alberto Maroni published by MontaG, has been released in all bookstores.

Michael Dover, in his thirties tired of the monotonous life he leads, on his birthday decides to go to California in search of the change he needs.

Fifty years later, a very strange man, who is eighty but does not look like him, lives his personal urban odyssey in the Los Angeles of the future. What connects the two stories? What do the two men forced to live an existence linked to perennial darkness have in common?

Between time leaps, new encounters and incredible discoveries, both will reach a square of the circle, fulfilling a destiny perhaps written and finding that justice pursued for too long.

Why Read California Sun? “In this book, I combine different genres and influences: from science fiction to fantasy, through horror splatter and romantic comedy,” explains Maroni. “The reader will love getting lost in the references and the trip that is the protagonist’s journey. Besides, it’s a fresh and light book. The perfect reading under the umbrella “.

When was your passion for writing born?

“During my adolescence, along with the flowering of my love for cinema. It was in that period, in fact, that I experimented with the first attempts at film scripts, in addition to writing songs and poems. Over the years, thanks also to a course in creative writing, I have also approached short stories. Around the age of thirty I decided to devote myself to more complex forms of writing, such as the novel, while not disdaining the return to shorter forms of writing from time to time. Basically, I have discovered over the years that in addition to being something I love to do, writing makes my need to express myself concrete, I could never give it up “.

Who are your reference writers?

“I am an omnivorous reader, with a predilection for certain genre literature, especially linked to the fantastic. I love reading Lee Child, Martin, Crichton, Conan Doyle, Tolkien and most of all Stephen King. I don’t disdain more realistic writers and genres like Hemingway and Salinger, but the scales are on the side of the fantastic. I am also a comic reader and a huge fan of Harry Potter and JK Rowling.

If “California Sun” became a movie, which actors would you see in the lead roles?

“Realistically, I would see it well as a mid-budget American indie film, one of the biggest prizes at the Sundance film festival. For the cast there are a lot of choices: for the role of Michael Ethan Hawke of the early 90s would have been perfect, but today I would opt for Aaron Taylor Johnson, Timothée Chalamet or Joe Keery. In the role of Julia I would see Sadie Sink or Elle Fanning well. Jeff could be Micheal Cera. In the role of Rebecca, Eva Green ”.

Do you have another book in the drawer?

“I’m working on a new novel. I’m about a third of the way through the first draft. It is a story set in my city, Macerata. There is a fantastic component to this book as well. I am very confident, for now I am enjoying it a lot “.

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