Call of Duty – materials leaked from the installment planned for 2023?

Sooner one could expect unofficial reports about the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 announced for next year, which is being developed by Infinite Ward studio. Meanwhile, unofficial materials have hit the network, from which we can learn quite a lot about the yet unnamed installment, which will be released in autumn 2023.

On the graphics that have hit the network, we mainly look at the menu that is currently in the working phase, but the shots from the game itself have also leaked. Most importantly, the Call of Duty planned for 2023 is to continue the Black Ops sub-series. This would mean that the production of the Treyarch studio will take us to the modern battlefield with futuristic elements.

Based on the screenshots, it can be concluded that in the next COD there will be syringes for healing, as well as gadgets such as a rope with a hook or tactical camouflage. We’ll probably unlock them while playing. The Game Rant website also suggests that in one of the shots we see a map that may be a refreshed Moscow, known from the first Call of Duty: Black Ops.

On the screens, widely commented on, incl. on Reddit, you can also see that three traditional modes will appear in the COD planned for 2023: single player campaign, multiplayer and Zombie. The online module will most likely also feature skills based on the skills of specialists from Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. Perks, in turn, have been replaced by implants (chips), which emphasizes the futuristic nature of the game.

Of course, we cannot be sure that the above screenshots are authentic. Even so, they are from a very early version of the game. Until the premiere, a lot can change.

Screenshots available here:

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