Call of Duty Warzone, Unveiled the News of Season 4 Furiosa (and the Weight)

Call of Duty Warzone’s Furious Season 4 will arrive on July 15th.

Through a post published on the official blog of the series, Activision has officially unveiled all the news coming to Call of Duty Warzone thanks to the Furious Season 4.

The new season will also be available for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War and will introduce many awaited features, including a new mode for one of the most played battle royals ever.

Previously we only knew the release date, which was confirmed to be July 15, and the arrival of a new map on Black Ops Cold War, as well as additional features that had not been announced.

One of the latest news had already been unveiled recently: it is a skin that could report a problem known by the community.

Call of Duty Warzone’s Furious Season 4 will introduce two new weapons for the battle royale: the first of these is the OTs 9 submachine gun, similar to the Bullfrog but with slightly higher firepower and lower capacity.

The developers say they are convinced that it will be one of the best weapons in the game: to unlock it, you can buy the Infiltrator bundle or complete a dedicated challenge.

The mace will also be available, a new melee weapon ideal for making critical hits easily and getting rid of zombies quickly: even, in this case, you can complete a challenge or buy the Mystic Scepter bundle from the shop.

During the season, the operator Weaver will also arrive, and not only: the first objective mode, called Load, will be available on Call of Duty Warzone.

Inspired by the War mode of Call of Duty WWII, Carico will field two teams of 20 players against each other in a race against time: the attacking team will have to try to gather all the information within the time limit, while the one defending will have to repel the assaults.

There will also be a new type of special event, entitled Contraband Collection, the Robot Turret that can be activated with a new series of kills and the possibility of giving away Battle Passes and bundles, already introduced in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War.

Even Cold War will have many new features, mainly related to the zombie mode: in addition to the previously unveiled map, there will be the return of the mule kick, a new object to be created and a new amazing weapon, as well as new content Carnage available to users PlayStation.

As reported by PlayStation LifeStyle, now we know what will weigh the update of Call of Duty Warzone: PC and Xbox will weigh 9.2GB, while the PS4 and PS5 users will have 8.9GB free.

Despite the criticisms coming from a part of the community, the developers are therefore fully working to bring welcome news to the free-to-play battle royale of the series.

The hope of the fans, however, is that the opportunity is the right one to further combat the problem of cheaters, which are also spreading on consoles: Activision has already begun to intervene by obscuring the advertisements of a new tool used.

According to some fans, deeper changes are needed: for this, an intervention was requested for the cross-play, which at the moment seems to have remained unheard.

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