Calling 22 25 71 145? Better pick up or the police will knock on your door

The number 22 25 71 145 was launched by the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate in 2020 and it was a bit silent about it, but now more and more people are picking up calls from it. If you are one of them too, better pick it up. The consequences of ignoring this phone can be serious.

GIS, calling from this number, informs about quarantine due to COVID-19. If we don’t pick it up, that doesn’t mean we’re avoiding quarantine. But then we may be dealing with the police.

The phone calls from the number 22 25 71 14. A message is issued about quarantining people who are in the EWP database (abbreviation of the Register of Entry to Poland) and have a quarantine imposed.

You can ask questions about your quarantine status by calling 22 25 00 115.

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