CámComercio recognizes and promotes the work of BIC Societies in Magdalena

The Benefit and Collective Interest Societies (BIC) are companies that seek to generate positive economic, social and environmental impact through their business model. These companies have a differentiating factor that allows them to retain their customers and suppliers, retain and attract qualified human talent, as well as network with communities pursuing similar objectives.

For this reason, the Chamber of Commerce of Santa Marta for Magdalena has promoted the figures of the BIC Society, providing them with legal, technical and financial advice, as well as awareness, diagnosis, planning and marketing for more than 40 companies in Magdalena. Provided monitoring workshops. ,

Silvia Elena Medina Romero, Executive President of the Chamber of Commerce, highlighted the importance of promoting Triple Impact Societies locally and nationally: “These companies are a new generation of organizations that, based on their business model, do things that generate a true impact in the communities to which they are connected, with the environment and, even, a greater commitment that seeks economic development of the region in which they are located”.

Magdalena already has BIC companies that are creating a high impact for their practices in the five dimensions considered by this figure: practices with the community, labor practices, environmental practices, business models and corporate governance. An example of a BIC company is Ciénaga Magica SAS BIC, an operating agency that develops ecotourism experiences in Ciénaga Grande de Santa Marta, implementing nature tourism as a tool for environmental protection and community inclusion. It promotes participatory space for population groups without access to job opportunities, creating economic alternatives for fishers to reduce overexploitation of the fishing resource. In addition, it links local guides to propagate the species of fauna and flora of the region.

For its part, Rentabilidad Total SAS is a firm of BIC accountants dedicated to providing accounting and tax advisory services, tax audits and audits, among other administrative support services, for 9 years. Total Profitability SAS BIC is committed to sustainable development, where together with good corporate governance practices, they have built a global outlook and sense of belonging towards the sector to achieve greater impact in the provision of their services.

Another BIC company in Magdalena is Ecosierra Perdida Tour SAS BIC, the result of the union of communities located in seven villages of Magdalena, who have taken over the reins of community tourism in the region to form a support network with which they provide a diverse service. We do. This allows generating productive alternatives that contribute to the economic sustenance of the local population, becoming a benchmark throughout the region. 50% of the profit generated annually by Ecosierra Perdida Tours SAS BIC is distributed proportionally among the partners who work in the villages of Quebrada del Sol, Casa de Tabla, El Mamé, La Aguacatera, San Martín, Honduras and Quebrada del Platano Live in, which is located in India. Upper and lower parts of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Thus, they support entrepreneurship and local infrastructure.

To continue supporting these innovative and sustainable proposals, the Santa Marta Chamber of Commerce for Magdalena will hold the relationship event ‘Sustainable Connections: Generating Economic, Social and Environmental Impact’, a platform to connect, showcase and promote companies that place, who have decided to adopt. This business model.

This round of connections will take place on 31 May and will feature a trade show of at least 20 BIC companies presenting their products and services; In addition, an academic agenda will be developed to share experiences and knowledge about the impact of BICs on society. There will also be a business roundtable to strengthen tie-ups and supply networks.

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