Cameron Diaz: his 7 best films

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Vanilla Sky (2001)

Considered one of the best feature films of Tom Cruise, Vanilla Sky necessitated emptying Times Square, New York’s liveliest neighborhood. The movie of Cameron Crowe is a success at the box office since it won 200 million dollars in revenue for an initial budget of 68 million. Facing the duo Penelope Cruz And Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz embodies Julianna Giannithe jealous ex of the hero David Aames. For this film, the actress took up singing. In one of the key scenes of the film that we won’t spoil, listen carefully to hear the voice of Cameron Diaz interpret the title I fall apart.

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Gangs of New York (2002)

Become an essential actress of Hollywood, Cameron Diaz works with the older ones. Engaged on the film of Martin Scorseseshe plays against Leonardo DiCaprio, Daniel Day-Lewis, Liam Neeson And Brendan Gleeson. His role as Jenny Everdeane plunges her into the infamous New York of 1846. Mistress of an American gang leader, she shares a stormy romance with amsterdamthe character of DiCaprio determined to avenge the death of his father. This role will be worth Cameron Diaz a nomination in the category best actress in a supporting role at the Golden Globes from 2003.

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