Camila Cabello as Cinderella. This is how he promotes his musical “Cinderella”!

Camila Cabello as Cinderella
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Fans of Shawn Mendes’ girlfriend have long wondered how Camila Cabello will present herself as Cinderella. James Corden’s musical is one of the most interesting projects the artist has recently participated in. Her photos in a Cinderella costume have just appeared on the web, and in a few days the musical will see the light of day. See the photos and feel the atmosphere of the new version of the fairy tale about Cinderella!

Pictures for produced by James Corden The musical about Cinderella has been going on since 2019, with a pandemic-induced hiatus. Ultimately, the comedian has finally completed his film and the crew is just getting ready for the musical premiere and the film’s soundtrack.

“Cinderella” will have its premiere on September 3, and in the meantime we have the opportunity to see how Camila Cabello, the main star of the musical, looks in the role of Cinderella.

Camila Cabello as Cinderella

Photos of Shawn Mendes’ girlfriend in a Cinderella outfit appeared on the web. The photos were taken on the set of James Corden’s show. Of course, there are also those in the carriages … Scroll down and see how Camila Cabello looks in a Cinderella outfit.

Camila Cabello doesn’t look like this anymore! The star cut her hair. It looks insane!

Whether “Cinderella” with Camila Cabello Will it be a hit, or will it rather share the fate of the musical “Cats”, which also featured James Corden, and which was unfortunately crushed by critics? We will find out about it soon. We hope it won’t be that bad (if it’s at all possible :)) …

Let us add that in the musical “Cinderella”, apart from Camila Cabello, there are also incl. Idina Menzel and Pierce Brosnan. The director of the film is Kay Cannon.

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