Camila Cabello assumes relationship with Austin Kevitch, founder of dating app

Singer Camila Cabello is in a relationship with Austin Kevitch, founder of the Lox Club app.

Singer Camila Cabello is in a relationship with Austin Kevitch, founder of the Lox Club app. Photo: Caitilin Ochs/REUTERS and Instagram/@austinkevitch

The singer Camila Cabello entered into a relationship with the entrepreneur Austin Kevitch. In images published by the British newspaper daily mailthe two were seen taking a walk together through Los Angeles.

Rumors that they would be dating began in June, when the singer and manager had also been spotted during a tour of the American city.

In the photos reported by the British tabloid, the two appear walking hand in hand and, at one point, Camila gives Austin a kiss on the cheek.

Kevitch is founder of dating app Lox Clubwhich calls itself “a members-only dating club for people with ridiculously high standards”.

According to the platform itself, the “candidates” to be authorized to use the app go through an extremely rigorous selection process.

“Our membership committee reviews all applicants to decide if they are a good fit for our community. If accepted, each new member pays a membership fee to ensure they are joining for the right reasons,” describes the Lox Club.

This is Camila Cabello’s first relationship since breaking up with the singer. Shawn Mendesat the end of 2021. They were together for two years and, at the time of their separation, they assured to “continue to be best friends”.

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