Camila Cabello criticizes (and is criticized by) fans who sang team anthems during her show in the Champions League final

Camila Cabello complains about the behavior of fans during the show in the Champions League final:
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Camila Cabello was the attraction of the opening show of the UEFA Champions League final – the traditional European Champions League – this weekend, but he wasn’t too happy with the attitude of some fans.

After performing her performance last Saturday (28), the singer vented on her Twitter account about the audience present at the stadium to check out the match between Liverpool and Real Madrid. In the messages, she talked about how she felt disrespected:

Reviewing our performance and I can’t believe people were singing their team anthem so loudly during our performance. As my team and I have worked tirelessly for so long to bring out the right vibes and put on a good show.

That was very rude, but whatever. I’m glad you loved it.

Although Camila deleted the messages, they went viral on social media and it is clear that netizens shared their opinions about the singer’s complaint.

Camila Cabello’s rant goes viral

While some defended the position of the formerFifth Harmony, others attacked the artist pointing out that she “does not understand the culture of European football”, as one of the netizens described it. One user who understood Camila’s argument said in a tweet:

She’s right, if you’re there for the Champions League final, you’ve got a ticket for the whole thing. The least you can do is respect each of the artists/soccer players who have been called upon to perform.

A fan of the sport disagreed and countered in another post, saying:

UEFA that must start respecting the fans’ wishes. Camila should respect that no one in that stadium came to see her, they came to cheer for their team.

You can see the posts below.

Camila Cabello in the Champions League final

Before Real Madrid became the champions of this year’s Champions League, Camila presented some of her biggest hits in her performance, including a costume change and several dancers.

After starting the show with “Señorita”, the singer included in the medley the hits “Havana”, “Bam Bam” and “Don’t Go Yet”. In time, it is worth remembering that it is one of the attractions of Rock in Rio this year, with a show scheduled for September 10th.

Check out Camila Cabello’s performance below, right after the tweets.


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