Camila Cabello doesn’t look like this anymore! The star cut her hair. It looks insane!

Camila Cabello
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Camila Cabello showed up with a new hairstyle. Shawn Mendes’ girlfriend decided to cut her hair. The singer showed new photos on Instagram, and fans showered the photos with compliments. No wonder – the star in the new hairstyle looks really fantastic!

Camila Cabello has undergone a significant metamorphosis and has just praised the fans with new photos. Two photos appeared on the artist’s Instagram, in which we can see her in a new hairstyle.

Shawn’s girlfriend decided to cut her hair short! How does it look now?

You can check out Camila Cabello’s new hairstyle below. See how it looks in short and straightened hair. Be sure to let me know how you like her new look.

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Camila Cabello cut her hair

The singer did not announce earlier that she was going to cut her hair, so her new hairstyle was a big surprise for many fans. But how positive it is!

See for yourself …

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What is going on here today?


… fans of the artist write under her new photos.

And you like it Camila Cabello’s new hairstyle? Let me know in our poll!

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