Camila Cabello has a new hairstyle. What does the singer look like?

Camila Cabello showed up to fans with a completely new hairstyle. We haven’t seen her like this before. What does the singer look like?

Camila Cabello is a popular singer. Not only because she is very beautiful, talented and has great hits, such as Havanabut also because of his relationship with Shawn Mendes.

Camila and Shawn met during a tour. She was a member of the band at the time Fifth Harmony. She really wanted to meet a handsome Canadian. It turned out that contacting Shawn was not easy, as he spent most of his time alone on the bus, playing the guitar. Eventually, however, fate caused their paths to come together. They have been creating a couple for many months.

Cabello publicly confessed her love to Mendes. This one did not remain indebted to her and revealed what the dates with the beautiful singer look like. During the quarantine, their relationship became even closer, because the two of them were in isolation.

This time, however, Camila is the center of attention. On her Instagram there are photos of her new hairstyle. What does it look like?

Camila Cabello has a new hairstyle

Camila Cabello made fans accustomed to long dark curls that framed her face sensually, sometimes in disarray. The star hasn’t experimented too much with the haircut until now. She just boasted about a completely new haircut.

On Instagram, she published photos of a long bob. Her shoulder-length hair makes her hard to recognize.

As you know, Camila Cabello does not block comments from haters, but also does not inhibit responses to them. She is known to be able to bluntly respond to not-so-constructive criticism. Recently, when she was hit for the fact that her stomach didn’t look perfect while jogging in the park, she told commentators to take care of their nose.

I am grateful for this body that allows me to do what I can. We are real women with curves, cellulite, stretch marks and fat. And we have to have it, baby.

Camila’s new hairstyle did not trigger the trolls, however. Everyone liked the change on the idol’s head and there is no shortage of compliments and fire emotes. How do you like the new look of Cabello?

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