Camila Cabello is “not brave” for wearing a bikini. she is just a woman

The 25-year-old Cuban-born American artist is often photographed on the beach and her body has recently been body shamed.

A woman enjoying the day at the beach, a body in a bikini. This would be the premise of the photograph if the protagonist in question were not Camila Cabello, the 25-year-old Cuban-born American singer.

Camila Cabello was photographed in a bikini by paparazzi on a yacht in Positano, Italy, in early June, and the photos, 16 in total, were published by the British tabloid The Daily Mail, which titled them “sensational curves”.

She herself shared an image of herself, resting on the boat, with the luxurious Italian village as a backdrop.

But the apparent positive remarks have given way to body shaming on social media, that is, critical comments about your body. “Disgusting”, “obese”, “flabby” and “full of cellulite” was written.

There were also those who called her “courageous”, in a fragile attempt at praise, or who said that it was a lesson for the world, in “self-love”.

Raquel Carrera, activist and co-creator of the SoyCurvy platform (I have curves, in the literal translation), told El País that “a woman is not brave for showing a body that does not fit a certain standard”.

“To imply that displaying a non-standard body is courageous or exemplary happens because, deep down, body diversity is still not accepted; it is not accepted that the vast majority of women have cellulite, or that women in bathing suits have belly and flaccidity. This means denying the reality of women’s bodies and forcing them to conform to the demand that they must always look perfect, even when relaxing on the beach.”defended.

A few days after being photographed in Italy, the same thing happened on her return to the United States, on a beach in Florida.

A recurring situation

Being photographed by paparazzi on the beach has become a regular occurrence. Camila Cabello even talked about it, sharing a few weeks ago on her Instagram page.

The artist said she felt “vulnerable” in the face of these photographs and reflected on society’s standard of beauty of what is healthy or not. “A culture that has become accustomed to the appearance of a ‘healthy’ woman’s body, which is not real to many women,” she underlined.

The singer also spoke about the psychological pressure associated with having a so-called “healthy” body, asking: “What is health if you are so obsessed with the appearance of your body that your mental health is affected and you cannot enjoy your life?”

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