Camila Cabello is overweight? A natural star on a walk with mum

Camila Cabello is a 24-year-old beauty that became famous in 2012, when she became a member of the group “Fifth Harmony” during the American “X Factor”.

The band recorded several hits, including “Worth It”, which conquered the American and European charts.

In 2016, the artist embarked on a solo career, and her songs “Havana”, “Liar” and “Seniorita” delighted fans all over the world.

An attractive female singer with Cuban roots meets the famous singer Shawn Mendes, who is adored by teenagers all over the world.

According to many people, they make a perfect couple, but when their photos from a Florida beach together appeared on the web some time ago, Camila Cabello found herself in the heat of criticism.

Some people noticed cellulite on her body and a protruding belly and decided that it does not look like it does in social media photos.

However, she showed that she has a distance to herself and accepts her figure, and the fans of the star stood up for her.

Many of them love it for its naturalness and for not trying to forcefully pursue unsurpassed canons of beauty. Camila Cabello after all, she is an attractive young woman.

Recently Camila Cabello she was caught by photojournalists on one of the streets in West Hollywood, walking with her mother.

The star without makeup, with carelessly styled hair and in a sports outfit, still looked beautiful and was not at all overweight.

The singer simply has feminine shapes that look very sexy even in a sloppy outfit.

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