Camila Cabello is twerking for Mother Earth. Body positivity and ecology in one

Camila Cabello does nothing about the criticism of being overweight and proves that “body positivity” is not just empty slogans. So is ecology. The star published a post in which he urges fans to become more involved in the fight for nature. By the way, Shawn Mendes’ girlfriend showed … a twerk for Mother Earth. Will it convince its fans to use an ecological lifestyle in this way?

Camila Cabello is one of the stars that call for the so-called “body positivity”, in short, oppose hating for appearance. The right and necessary trend has long been supported by, among others Demi Lovato, Lizzo if Rihannaand in Poland, for example Ewa Farna and Maffashion. Of course body-positive stars arrives, as do fans stigmatizing any unpleasant comments about someone’s appearance.

Camila Cabello she herself experienced hate when her photos from a trip in the park recently appeared on the web. The star showed up in public with her belly exposed, and the haters immediately began lamenting that the artist had gained weight. Fortunately, Shawn Mendes’ girlfriend has no problem with this and says openly: “We are real women, with curves and cellulite and wrinkles and fat”.

Camila Cabello is twerking for Mother Earth

Over the weekend, another post appeared on the singer’s Instagram, in which the star showed her curves. Camila Cabello published photos and a video of a trip in the mountains. She dedicated her post to ecology and made a special “twerk for Mother Earth”. You will find it below!

I twerk for my Queen of All Queens, Mother Earth ❤️

– writes Camila in her latest post inspired by a book about human relationships with nature.

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We forget that we are connected to every living being, that the Earth is a living being, that we are part of nature and that there is infinite wisdom, joy and intelligence – as long as we have open eyes, ears, hearts and souls. So if you have any problems today, make this a reminder to go outside and connect with her. Mother Earth will take care of us. But we also have to take care of it ❤️

Camila Cabello continues.

– do you agree with the words of Camila?

HOT 20 Radio ESKA – listing 20/08/2021

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