Camila Cabello on body positivity and what our bodies actually look like

Camila Cabello sometimes needs to take a break from social media.

Camila Cabello on body positivity and what our bodies actually look like

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Camila Cabello on body positivity and what our bodies actually look like

Camila Cabello talks more and more often about body positivity and the need to accept your body as it is. In his social media, he tries to remind his fans that cellulite or stretch marks and folds are completely normal and everyone has them – even slim people. The star revealed that it is sometimes difficult for her to remember about it herself. In such moments, he needs a break from the Internet.

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Camila Cabello has a body-positive approach?

Camila started talking loudly about her body and the normalization of her ordinary appearance after the paparazzi took hidden photos of her on the beach a few weeks ago. The photos clearly show the texture of the skin and the folds that the star has. Of course, the paparazzi’s works quickly found their way onto the web. The singer herself referred to them, who initially stated that it was extremely unfavorable, but later changed her mind and stated that this is what her body looks like. Since then, Camila has been trying to normalize the cellulite and folds that everyone has.


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Are the stars under pressure?

Of course, in times when the use of filters is the order of the day, as with body-smoothing phone apps, the pressure to “look perfect” is put on everyone. Public figures are especially exposed to it, as it is sometimes hard for ordinary social media users to believe that a star does not need to have a perfect body, and most of what she sees is skilful remakes. Camila Cabello has recently decided to fight similar nonsense, although, as she admits, sometimes she also needs a break from social media. In this way, he is able to use common sense in terms of appearance and self-acceptance. Although he also admits that social networking sites can do a lot of good in the context of body positivity: with the right content, it is possible to normalize what should no longer be a taboo subject. This can save teenagers from complexes and from morbidly following a figure that does not exist in the real world.

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